Frequently Asked Questions 

Mariana Glen FAQs

We are so glad you are here and part of the Mariana Glen community in West Loveland. Our Welcoming Committee and our Home Owner’s Association (HOA) would like to introduce you to our community, provide major contacts and introduce you to our website resources.

If you do not see the answer to your question online, please reach out to us directly.

Home Exterior Changes and Landscape Changes

Our ARC (Architectural Review Committee) will be happy to review any exterior improvements you wish to complete on the outside of your home or with your landscape. An ARC form is available on our website that you can fill out and submit for approval. We welcome changes but ask that out ARC committee reviews these changes before they begin.

 These changes include:


🔗 ARC Details

Greenbelts & Landscaped Areas

Our Landscape contractor and volunteers work hard to maintain our Common Areas including our greenbelts and landscaped areas including:


🔗 Greenbelt Committee

Annual Meetings

Mariana Glen holds an Annual Meeting/Budget meeting each year in March for presentation of the previous year in review as well as plans and budget for the new year. We welcome attendance by all either in person or by proxy vote and welcome participation from home owners on the board and on committees. The budget presentation for the upcoming year is reviewed and voted on by members in attendance. This determines the annual dues. Invoices for the annual dues are mailed to each home owner.

🔗 2023 Meeting - Minutes - Presentation

Board Meetings

Monthly the HOA Mariana Glen Board members meet to review tasks and management of the HOA. Each home owner is welcome to attend if they desire. You elect the board to manage the community.

Board e-mail

🔗 Meeting Minutes 

Pipeline Newsletter

Each spring and fall we mail to each home a Newsletter called ‘The Pipeline’. It contains board and committee contacts, upcoming events, committee reports, reminders, and activities in the community.

🔗 Pipeline


Mariana Glen community wishes to maintain and enhance property values by enforcing the covenants. An updated list of covenants is available on our website. If you have any questions, please direct those to our board member in charge of enforcing the covenants. Please refer to the website board member list for that contact.


🔗 Covenants & Governing Documents

Community Events

Each year we hold events to welcome community involvement including:

🔗 Calendar of Events

Trash Pickup

Community Events

The City of Loveland provides Trash and Recycle pickup weekly on Thursday. Check with the City for your individual calendar, recycle permit, curbside pickup, and containers.

🔗 City of Loveland - Trash

Volunteer / Board Members

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering for a committee or becoming a member of the board. We are always looking for volunteers to join our team, have some fun and make a difference.